10 ‘Hugot Lines’ while climbing Paminahawa Ridge

BUKIDNON – It’s been years since the last time I went for a long hike. Recently, a friend booked me in for a trip with them up the Paminahawa Ridge, and obviously, I enjoyed the ride!

Paminahawa Ridge is located in Barangay Impalutao, Impasugong town in Bukidnon. It is one of the famous mountain hiking destinations in the province, ideal not only for first-timers but also for those who long for a little soul searching.

Photos by Aimee Guinita

Mountains are home indeed. It is the perfect place to contemplate and benefit from the quietude of God’s creation.

During the trip, the hikers channeled their fun through throwing “Hugot Lines” reflecting their current emotional phase in life which added to the fun we all shared while climbing the mountain.

Here are, at least, “10 HUGOT LINES” articulated most by the hikers:

  1. Kaya tayo iniwan ng mga ex natin kasi may ibang tao na magmamahal sa atin ng mas todo. Kaya kapag iniwan ka, wag mo lang isipin ang lungkot, isipin mo rin you’re up for a better one.

2. Mabuti pa si Paminahawa Ridge hindi sinusukuan. Hanggang dulo pinaglalaban!

3. Ayaw pugngi imong sarili malipay kay dili sa tanang panahon mag sige ra ka ug kaguol (Huwag mong pigilan ang sarili mo maging masaya kasi di sa lahat ng panahon kailangan mo maging malungkot).

4. Dili sa tanan panahon naa’y isa ka tao mag love sa imo and willing mag paabot na i-love back nimo; ayaw hulata maadto siya sa lain saka pa nimo ma-realize na love na diay nimo siya (Hindi sa lahat ng panahon may magmamahal sayo at handang maghintay para mahalin mo; huwag mong hintayin mapunta siya sa iba, saka mo maisip na mahal mo na pala siya).

5. Kung mahal mo, sabihin at iparamdam mo. Ayaw ng mura nimo siya ginadulaan (Huwag yung para mo lang siyang pinaglalaroan), bai. Hindi laro-an ang feelings.

Finally, I reached the top! #paminahawaridge

6. Mabuti pa si Paminahawa Ridge masagana, hindi tulad ng buhay kong wala sa gana.

7. Where do broken hearts go? Heto sa Paminahawa Ridge, releasing all the pain, hoping that when my friend comes back to the city naka move on na talaga siya. Diba friend???

8. Dahan-dahan po sa pag akyat, mahirap at masakit ma-fall lalo na kung wala naman pong sasalo sa atin.

9. Talk to him, ma’am, the more you express your feelings to someone, the more you will able to help yourself in the process of being free from all misgivings and pains.

10. I was able to climb again. I made it to Paminahawa Ridge. But this time, without you.

The team was happy to arrive at the peak and witnessed the sea of clouds.

Indeed, being in the mountain can help make life better—physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. It just takes courage and determination to do so.


Tarsier spotted in Davao City anew

DAVAO CITY – A Philippine tarsier was earlier seen in a farm near a school in Barangay Megkawayan in Calinan District in Davao City.

As tiny as the size of the palm of an adult, the Philippine tarsier is one of the smallest primates in the world with large goggling eyes as its arresting and most prominent feature.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Davao Region said on its official Facebook page that school teacher Jaypee Joromat was the one who found the tarsier.

According to Joromat, it was not the first time that they saw a tarsier in their yard. The school teacher then informed the government agency on the matter.

Tarsiers are endemic to a few areas in Visayas, particularly in Bohol, DENR-Davao said.

But over the years, frequent sightings of these tiny primates suggest that they may have also found a home in Mindanao, one of which was the Davao Region.

“Experts are yet to conclude on the characteristics and distinctions of the Mindanao tarsiers from those of other areas,” the DENR-Davao said.

For research and conservation purposes, the agency is calling on the public to not possess, trade, harm or even touch these primates.

The Philippine tarsier is listed as a nearly threatened species, and, if not conserved, may lead to extinction.

DENR-Davao said that threats to the descending population of the tarsiers include low birth rate, loss of habitat and as aforementioned, human intervention.

“Again, may we remind the public that if a tarsier is in sight, do not touch it unless necessary.

If found displaced, you may release it back to the wild handling it carefully,” the agency said.

The tarsiers are nocturnal in nature, thus, the government also asked the public to avoid taking photographs with flash as this will frighten them.